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In 1998, a historic musical offering was released under the Madison Avenue Records Record label. The project was a live recording and entitled, “Open Praise”. Bobby Jones, Virtue, Mark and Joey Kibble (Take 6) and Duwane Starling were some of the incredibly talented and God fearing artists who made that evening one to remember. The “Open Praise” project was the combination of a group of motivated young people, who possessed an innate desire to minster, and a preponderance of musical talent. Geographically, the Madison Mission SDA Church, the Executive producer of the album and the auspices under which Madison Avenue Records operates, was in proximity to the famed Oakwood University. This institution of higher learning is famous for birthing and/or nurturing brilliant musicians such as Little Richard, Mervyn Warren, Take 6, Chris Willis, Brian McKnight, Wintley Phipps, Ebony Holland (Virtue) and several others. Accordingly, “Open Praise” was a natural culmination of years of percolating talent and resolve. In February of 2016, the choir had a twenty-one year reunion (look for the DVD in Fall 2016). It was certainly breathtaking to observe those original and current choir members, despite being a little older, still possess a desire to sing for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

After the “Open Praise” success, some moved on, got married, had children. Some stayed in the Madison, AL area and continue to minister at Madison Mission to this day. What hasn’t changed is the depth of musical talent emanating from the church. Despite the best efforts of the adversary to silence the witness of this prototypical church and record label, Madison Avenue Records is, again, about to release another legendary musical offering. The title of this project gives some insight into the spiritual maturity that the Madison Mission body of believers has attained during its seasons of famine. The challenges of the church have been well documented, however, those who have remained true to the calling to deliver the gospel of Jesus Christ are now emboldened. Their response to trials and tribulation can be summed up in one word: “Yield”.

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